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"Cosmopolis" US Promo - Sticky Post

All Updates from "Cosmopolis" US Promo

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"Cosmopolis" Premiere

Master Post 1 - HQ pictures, MQ pictures, fan pictures and videos
Master Post 2 HQ pictures from the premiere + new videos

After Party - 2 LQ pictures of Rob in the background
Fan Pictures - Fan pictures and videos from the premiere and Times Q&A

Interviews from the Premiere

Interview Master Post 1 - Access Hollywood/MTV/Reuters/The Associated Press/Various Media Outlets

Interview Master Post 2 - ZoomInUK/ET Online/Movie Bytes/Extra TV/E! Online

"Cosmopolis" NYC Press Junket

The Chicago Suntimes - Rob talks about Edward, 'Cosmopolis', his fans and the media's attention.
Screenslam - Rob and Cronenberg talk about directing, the atmosphere on set and Rob as Eric Packer
Fox411 - Rob and David talk about Cosmopolis, Rob talks about his career and more.
Arizona Central - Rob and David talk fame, Cosmopolis, fans and Twilight
The Boston Globe - Rob and David discuss Cosmopolis, fans, fame and more.
Miami Herald - Rob and David talk about about Cosmopolis
ET Online - Rob and David talk about Cosmopolis, working with each other, David talks about the first time he met Rob, Rob's preparation for the role and more
The Playlist - Rob talks about The Rover and Mission: Blacklist
LA Times - Rob and David talk about the media culture, Twilight, and paparazzi.
Associated Press - Rob and David talk about Cosmopolis, reading reviews and how they deal with money.
Next Movie - Rob and David dicuss Cosmopolis, reactions to the movie and more
Cosmopolis Facebook - Rob & David answer fan questions on Cosmopolis Facebook
Moviefone - Rob and David talk about Cosmopolis, having his hair cut for the movie, NYSE and more.
TIME - Rob and David talk about Cosmopolis, Map to the Stars, Mission Blacklist and The Rover.
Showbiz Tonight Preview Preview of the interview. Asks if Rob is okay.
Pic of Rob & Cronenberg from the Junket - Picture of Rob and David's interview with Showbiz Tonight.

Rob & Cronenberg Ring the Opening Bell at NYSE

Rob & Cronenberg at NYSE - HQ Pictures, MQ Pictures, Fan Pictures & Videos

Pictures of Rob Leaving NYSE & Heading to the "Cosmopolis" Junket - Rob leaving the NYSE and heading to the press junket

Cosmopolis Times Talks Q&A

"Cosmopolis" Times Talk with Rob & Cronenbeerg - Video of the full Q&A, HQ pictures, fan pictures and screencaps
Fan Pictures - Fan pictures and videos from the premiere and Times Q&A

MTV First: Robert Pattinson

MTV First: Robert Pattinson - Videos of the full interview, pictures & screencaps. Rob talks Cosmopolis, The Rover, Mission: Blacklist, Breaking Dawn - Part 2, writing music and a lot more

TV Appearances

Jimmy Kimmel - 
Video of the full interview, HQ pics, fan pics and videos of Rob signing for fans outside Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel Part 2 - 83 more new HQ pics of Rob at Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel - HQ stills of Rob on Jimmy Kimmel
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - HD video & screencaps of Rob's interview with Jon Stewart
Good Morning America - Video, HQ pics, fan pics & screencaps of Rob's interview on GMA
Good Morning America - HQ Stills

People Talking About Rob

Movies About - David talks about casting Rob and chemistry in the film.
Examiner - Emily Hampshire, Sarah Gadon and David Cronenberg talk about working with Rob and him being a "normal guy"
The Museum of the Moving Art - David Cronenberg talks about Rob and Cosmopolis at The Museum of the Moving Art
Salon - David talks about casting Rob & discusses his career
Indiewire - Cronenberg talks about casting Rob and how Rob surprised him
Rotten Tomatoes - Cronenberg talks about casting Rob, convincing him to do 'Cosmopolis' and about Rob working with Herzog
Live - Emilie Hampsire & David Cronenberg talk about Rob
Gilt - Denise Cronenberg talks about Rob's style in 'Cosmopolis' and off-camera


Rob in NYC on August 16 - Night - More pics of Rob in NYC
Rob in NYC on August 14 - Night - More pics of Rob in NYC
Rob in NYC on August 16 - Night - Pics of Rob in NYC 
Rob in NYC on August 14 - Night - Pics & Video of Rob in NYC
Rob in NYC on August 14 - Pics & video of Rob in NYC during "Cosmopolis" Junket

Box Office

Box Office Report - The Box Office Report for "Cosmopolis"
Box Office Update - Box Office Report for "Cosmopolis" (Update)


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