Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kristen on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

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From imTulip

  • They played giant quarters and drank real beer...
  • Kristen wore a black dress, hair down, beau looking eyes, very sexy.
  • They showed the prepping for Charlie clip.
  • What I love about Kristen is that she can make fun of herself. They were doing promos and he said to just do just be herself type of thing.
  • And so she made a face and slouched. Lolololol.
  • Never thought in my life I would have the chance to yell "drink drink drink drink drink drink drink" as Kristen chugged a beer. #fallon.

From FeistyAngel34

  • Just left Fallon, he's hilarious. Got a high five from him
  • Kristen and Fallon play a giant game of quarters. Whoever got one in the cup, the other had to drink a cup of beer. It was cute
  • Talked about CGI chucky doll, and the ending which Kristen said Bill just twists the knife

From epnebelle

  • Just left Fallon. K played some kind of toss oversized quarters into oversized cup game and had to chug some beer. Took off shoes for it
  • Kristen on Fallon said she voted via absentee ballot and her friend (prob John haha) dropped it off for her

From MissLaura317

  • Short black dress, flowy at the bottom, elbow length sleeves & black heels! Hair straight & down, dark eye make up! :)
  • Did however mention that she voted yesterday. Had a friend drop off her absentee ballot. :) Also played a game called Coins I think.
  • Had to bounce a coin into a large cup & when you did your opponent drank a bit of beer (real bear) from a cup. Kristen had to drink first.
  • Went on for a while, she was cute playing barefoot & trying to beat Jimmy. Didn't want him to win, ha.
  • Oh, K& J also had a private convo during the commercial break that we heard some of. All I caught was Jimmy saying "Cause we're besties."
  • she drank the one cup that was just a little full, she skipped the second cup she was supposed to drink after she lost lol

From myRKinterests

  • When Kristen came out during the Today Show, my hands were shaking so bad could barely get a picture. #Fangirl #FirstTime
  • Kristen kept throwing the nickel so hard during the Jimmy Fallon taping, we had to tell her to do it more softly hahaha
  • I always thought I would be cool, the first time I saw a celeb that I liked. One look at Kristen Stewart, hands. shaking.
  • Thanks @jimmyfallon for a great taping with Kristen Stewart. Interview was great, nickel toss/beer chug was hilarious!
  • Kristen Stewart, tossin nickels is not your game. Practiced before they started taping and she still missed. Drink up, boo. :) #JimmyFallon

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  1. She's so funny at JF very competitive and beautiful😄❤😄


  2. Wow..this site really great,thanks for the tweet, I can imagined that the show must be full of fun and kristen..well OMG what canI said, she looks sooo cute, sexy and gorgeus
    thanks Robstenatious, I love you

  3. Ha ha ha...kristen is so cute, I feel like I wanna hug her