Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscars 2013 - Livestreams

Red Carpet:

OTRC Red Carpet: Hosted by Lawrence Zarian and Tina Malave. here
Starts 4:30PM ET / 9:30PM GMT/ 10:30PM CET.

MTV Oscar Night Live: Hosted by Josh Horowitz and Janell Snowden here
Starts at 5:30PM ET/ 10:30PM GMT/ 11:30PM CET.

E! Red Carpet: here
Starts 5:30PM ET /10:30PM GMT/ 11:30PM CET

AP Red Carpet: here Hosted by Michelle Marie.
Starts at 6PM ET/ 11PM GMT/ 12AM CET.

TV Guide Network Red Carpet Live Stream: Hosted by Chris Harrison here
Starts 6PM ET/ 11PM GMT/ 12AM CET.

ABC Red Carpet: 
Starts 6:30PM ET / 11:30PM GMT/ 12:30PM CET.
here | here

Live Show:
Oscars Live Show starts at 8:30PM ET/(1:30AM GMT/ 2:30AM CET Monday Morning).
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