Thursday, May 23, 2013

Patricia McKenzie Talks About Working with Rob on 'Cosmopolis'

ROBsessed: Was the gun heavy? Did you film Eric being tasered?
McKenzie: With so much action, I hardly remember the weight of the gun. We did not film Eric being tasered, Rob really wanted to, and do it for real. Thank goodness, I would hate to have been the one to have to taser him! I've been exposed to all kind of guns on set and they always terrify me.

ROBsessed: Who was stronger? You or Rob?
McKenzie: I think he is a gentleman and would let me win if we wrestled.
ROBsessed: Tell us something we might not know about Rob and David.
McKenzie: They are two of the sweetest men in Hollywood. Both are extremely humble in person and lack pretension. I felt very comfortable around both of them. David Cronenberg gave me a big hug the first time I ever saw him, and he said he was happy to finally meet me, which was so disarming, charming and fatherly. I think that is when I fell in love, because I will give everything to a director that makes me feel as safe and protected as a child. And Cronenberg is so patient. He gives everyone on set all the time they need to do their best work, and speaks quietly to keep the atmosphere on set very calm and enjoyable. David was also very patient with my fawning over him at the warp party, because I was so appreciative of his work style I just couldn't help gushing like a schoolgirl with with a crush, very embarrassing in retrospect. I didn't expect Rob to be so tall, and so charming.

Everyone loved him on set. He can carry his own in any conversation and takes pains to make others feel at ease. He is very down-to-earth and low-key, the kind of guy that just chills with his dog, or with a pint. What's his dogs name, Bear? I'm pretty sure I remember that from playing with him, although it's possible I heard the name somewhere, but anyone who calls a small dog "Bear" has a good sense of humour.

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