Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kristen on 'Sukkiri' TV Show


From oh_hell_kat
  • She's here. They are showing how big she is.
  • She's answering some questions. She wants to play tumpet.
  • She spends her day off playing with her dogs. She's in really great mood. :3333
  • She loves her hands.

From abietotzz
  • She's wearing her pants from TIFF press
  • tank top and jacket wrapped around her
  • Talking about jet lags
  • theyre making her watch herself showing clips of panic room etc
  • watching Edward stopping the car
  • Ahbei ‏@abeitotzz
  • smiling when Rob was removing his shirt in NEw Moon lol
  • Showing snow white
  • "A good love story is always kinda good" talking about Twilight I think
  • Guy is talking about him being edward I think and she was like "I knew I liked you"
  • He was the voice of Edward lol that;s why
  • They showed her a clip with the voice over asking her what she thinks "you got it down pat"
  • Did you ever learn japanese she says "HAI!"
  • if you're not an actress what will you do "I would still want to make movies"
  • musical insturment "trumpet"
  • what she does on days off "I like my dogs"
  • again "my dogs" for the next answer.. she just kept saying my dog
  • She likes her hand
  • theyre zooming in her hands
  • do you cook? "I do, I love to cook"
  • talking about her hands still
  • do you do any sports? "I could run"
  • How many dogs do you have? "two. Breed: pound pups. Mut.. they're rescues"
  • Showing how big her dogs are with hand gestures
  • Talking a lot about her dogs :33
  • "we're in vampire land now it's so much fun"
  • "with the whole series it's been building up to this point"
  • "Hi thanks for having me. Can't wait to see you guys at the fan event bla bla bla"

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  1. I think she looks super cute, sweet and nice
    I have seen the video, even if I dont understand what they're talking about but I think that sukkiri show was a funny show, with funny interviewer too

  2. Thanks to Japan's fans, they're so welcome and nice with kristen, so kristen looks more relax and comfortable