Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy 23rd Birthday Kristen Jaymes Stewart

Woohoo!! It's official! Happy 23rd Birthday Kristen. 

Thank you for being the most incredible idol to so many of us. You teach us to be ourselves. We are so proud to be your fans. Enjoy your day! :)

Below the cut are messages and fanvids!! Enjoy! :)

Rosemarie Armas

                     You are real and Inspiring role model  for all the                                           
young Teens, kids and adults. Thank you Kristen
for inspiring us to be real and true to ourselves
by not allowing other people to be someone else.                                                                                              
Thank you for being you and we hope and pray for your
Birthday to continue giving hope and inspiration to of all us
Who believe in you being a genuine person, down to earth,
With a golden heart and loving person and most of all beautiful
Inside and out. May God continue blessed you with love, peace and
Happiness with your career, fans, family, friends and most of all
You and Robert Pattinson may have peace and unity and love to each other
And your loving dogs “bear and bernie”.  I wish you more success,more projects
Movies big or small budget and endorsements . Good luck!! And God Bless you!!


Robsten Paradise

Andreea Conoro

Tori Just


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