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Pics & Video of Rob and Kristen at Marcus Foster Gig in LA - April 17, 2013


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Thanks to Robsten Dreams
Fan pic of Rob leaving

Tonight has been the best night. I love Rob and Kristen, it was an amazing experience to be in the same room with them.
I can say from the very bottom of my heart & because I saw it with my eyes, yet but glimpses but love & tenderness between Rob & Kristen.
They were very sweet and APPROPRIATE from what I saw.
More from this fan -- in depth account of her seeing RK last night :) Adorable ♥
I went to the show with @Baseball31 and we were standing in the back as the set before MF was wrapping up, I noticed the burgundy/red sleeve jacket first as group of people were walking in. I looked over and Rob was standing there as Suzie and Kassie walked
passed us. Rob stood there for a few minutes, he was about 3 people from away us. I guess waiting for their seat. As soon as the prior set finished and people that did not have the wristband were asked to leave, he walked passed us and went straight to the back and sat at the only booth in the room. Everybody was pretty much there, and that was the human barricade in front of him. We ended up standing a few feet from the back to the right facing the stage. Just as Marcus and the guys were about to start, I looked back and noticed Rob sitting on the back of the seat so he can see over the barricade. He was now in my direct line of sight when I look back. I noticed someone got up to make room and Kristen got on the seat next to Rob, he gave her a peck in the cheek then. The second time I look back, Kristen had her elbow on Rob's shoulder, she's leaning into him and "whispering" or just talking really, really closely and swaying to the music. The third time, it looked like they were just enjoying the show. And their heads are always close together. They were next to each other the whole night, looking happy, focused on each other and just like normal couples hanging out with their friends but in their own bubble (like always, right?). The set finished and as I looked back, Rob gave Kristen another peck and the girl next to me just looked at me with "is that another peck" look and we were both yeah, it was. And then they both slid down their seats and it was hard to see them then. It was dark and very hard to take pictures. One of the girls on my side was trying to but the barricade was keeping them hidden and I guess put up finger towards the camera. Love how protective they are of our lovebirds :-) Fast forward to when we got to the valet parking lot. We were in the car just getting ready to leave and I see Kristen walking up, I took a quick picture just for my own keepsake. I was inside the car so it's not very clear but it's Kristen and she's just so cute. Most of the girls were with her, they walked into the parking lot looking for her car, and that's when she got cornered by the paps. I asked baseball31 who was driving to back up and scare the paps like we would run them over but her friends were also all over the place and before we can back up or move forward, I see them walking by and Kristen stopped by our car trying to open the back door. I got out and just really wanted to protect her, you know. And I don't know what I was thinking so I asked her to just get in the car. She said "thank you" in her soft spoken voice. Even with all the paps around she just sounded so sweet and so fragile and I just love her. She was going to get in and she realize it wasn't her car so she said "this isn't my or (Lindsey's) fu**ing car, she was smiling and was not bring rude. Just shocked and probably embarrassed. Then her friends just directed her to where the car was. We just sat their for another minute shocked and in awe of what happened. Then we both started screaming and laughing, thus our outburst of OMG in last night's tweet. It was so precious and I will forever hold this memory dear to my heart.
I've never seen someone get into a car so fast in my LIFE !! #robertpattinson lmao @debbiedebm look at him LEAP 😂😂😂

Seeing Robert tonight just made my day . Being in the same room ... Seeing him hang with friends .. His gorgeous smile !! Ahhh😍

#robertpattinson ordered a Heineken tonight . Lol overheard his order

kristen left before Rob with a group of friends.

And #kristen is such a beauty ! Her skin is beautiful !!!!! She walked right by me&all I could do was stare at her !!! #dothekristen lol ;)

nooooo:((( she caught us completely off guard . She was walking pretty quickly too . The papz were following her.
Black hoodie and grey hoodie cuteness. Sometimes in confined spaces, you're smushed up against someone and it's less than ideal. And then other times, it's very very very awesome. I just realized again what actually happened and shouty-cap texted it to someone lol.
more.....  :)
 A few concert deets from last night.
Fair warning: Limited on R/K deets because it was impossible to see them without staring conspicuously and y'know, totally ignoring the show (although I was inadvertently close to them both individually).

Got there around 10:30. Room 5 is above Amalfi so you walk in and if you veer right, you go into the restaurant and if you go straight up the stairs, there's a little landing, turn right, few more stairs and then the dude behind the table with the clipboard. It's very cramped at the top of the stairs because ppl stand against the wall when there are no seats. It's also well lit, dim but very visible. I went up and friend was right at the top of the stairs and so I said hi and then went and got a glass of wine at the bar and went back to them. The chick before Old Gold was still performing.

We sort of smooshed along the wall and I became aware of more people arriving including a really fucking tall guy who had his back pressed up against my shoulder/arm trying to make room for the other people in his party to come in. I see out of my peripheral vision that tall guy has MTV jacket sleeves and a grey hood up so I look up (have to crane my head for real- I'm 5'2") and realize it's Rob. Really fucking tall guy standing on top of me like we're on public trans at rush hour is Rob. Suzie is with him and maybe, Tamra, Kassie, IDK some other familiar faces. Still pressed up against Rob and dying. They get shit sorted and he immediately goes to their booth in the back.

We head to the bar as the stage is turning and friends gets three seats at the bar. So we sit and then Tamra and the blonde who is not Suzie or Kassie come to the bar with an English chick. They're trying to make their way in to order and so I say to English chick: "you want to get in here?" and she looks at me blankly. Hahaha.
But then Tamra looks at me so I say "I can move for a sec if you want to get up to the bar" and she says "oh, thanks so much" so I move off my little stool and am standing while she perches on my stool and orders ALL OF THE DRINKS for their party. During that time someone says to her, Kristen just got here and then Scout comes up to the bar to say hi to them and she starts speaking in an English accent. IDEK. Also I think someone prob saw Unbearable Lightness of Being at some point and all she took away from it was how sexy Lena Olin looks.

Anyway... So K also went straight back to the booth and really, you couldn't look back there unless you turned your whole body and blatantly trained your eyes on the back of the room. Tamra turned to me again and was like, sorry this is taking so long but I said, it's fine, no worries. And then she finally got all the drinks and was like, thanks again that was really nice of you and I was like, yeah of course. So then I took my seat again.

While this was happening, the guys were setting up the stage and Suzie and Lindsay walked past us headed toward Jack. I'm still indifferent but Suzie and Jack are cute.

Then! Right before the show started, Michaela came over because she'd maybe just arrived with some other people (including Nettie). Michaela was maybe a bit buzzed so even though I was perched on my bar stool, when she came in to order drinks, she like perched on the unoccupied side of it. Nettie is v tall and has questionable taste in beer. She ordered a BudLight. Suzie and Lindsay went back to the booth. They are both tall. The English girls got their drinks and followed them back and the show started.

The music was great. More rock than folk- very bluesy when Marcus was leading and then more Ryan Adams-y when Ruston Kelly was. The stage is not raised at all and the room really is very small. The front row person could reach out and touch the musicians so it's this sense of being in someone's living room and then they were rehearsed but not overly so so it had a very casual, messing around vibe that was awesome.

About two songs in or so Suzie and Lindsay came back to the front and Suzie sat as close to Jack on stage as she could get without actually getting on stage. Then with a few more songs left, Scout and Tamra came and shared a recently vacated seat right in front. Toward the end, they were deciding on their last song and Suzie shouted out a request that is something they're writing and have about three lines of so they did those three lines. It also was maybe just a joke bc it's not a real song. Cute moment though. Then their final song. So then it was over and I was fine to leave because I had to work this morning.

It was easier to look back toward their booth when the show was over. K was concealed by her curtain of reddish hair but I recognized the hoodie and RK were def next to each other and had been the whole time. They were sitting like on the ledge of the booth and K was leaned into him, I think behind his back, to talk to someone. Suzie and Lindsay went back to the booth and then at some point, Suzie was standing on the booth and Kristen was standing up next to her.

So we head toward the stairs but friend of friend ran into someone she knew as we were walking out and so friend and I hung around back against the wall again where we were when they first got there. While we're standing and talking, they leave and Rob goes first - big fucking tall guy with his long strides and then the girls are sort of surrounding Kristen but because of that they all have to turn to get through the small space and I'm up against the wall and they turn in my direction so then I'm kind of right up against Kristen and dying, again, some more. For like, 3 whole seconds. Goes without saying but homegirl is BEAUTIFUL. Again. Some more. I notice that her tshirt has some graphic on it and she's wearing the Us Vs. Them hat (backwards, natch). Then they're all gone.

When we get outside, R/K are gone but Scout, Suzie, someone else? are walking back toward the restaurant so that's how I know they didn't leave with K. I assumed RK left together but I guess not. They left Room 5 at the same time. I parked valet (can't street park in L.A. to save my life) so I said goodbye to friend and was waiting in the valet line behind a couple of the English chicks. Then I got in my car and was plugging my phone in waiting to turn right, look up and Scout darts in front of my car across the driveway. I didn't really almost hit her but I kind of almost hit her. (Look both ways.) And then I left and drove home and it was AMAZING OMG.

I didn't see any overt RK PDA but the couple times I glanced at the booth, they were practically sitting on top of each other. I warmed to Tamra from my interaction with her (not entitled, very polite). They just seemed like any other typical group of young people (said like an 80 year old grandma) enjoying live music in L.A. CUTE.

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the answer to The Question is YES! and no paps!! YAY!! some have asked for details abt tonight and if I took pics...this was their personal time and I only do that when they're at a public event. this venue is a good place to see a favorite musician. It's very small and everyone is just jammed together which makes for a fun experience. so crowded it's impossible to walk around without bumping into people...several times...I may never wash this jacket again lol
Cause some are asking,here's my version of tonight's sighting. I don't have any pics of them in the venue as it was tiny and would probably have received death glares from a few ppl. Boys were setting up and Rob walked in with Suzie and kassie from what I saw. They were sat at the only booth in the venue. Boys started to play but I saw no sign of Kris. Maybe about the middle of the second song, I turned around and spotted her sitting next to Rob. Their friends created a barrier to hide them so it was difficult to get a good look but when I did, cuteness all around! At one point she had her arm looped through his :) they really looked honest to god happy! He kept smiling. I didn't witness any kissing but I wouldn't doubt it! They did leave after the show separately. All in all it was an awesome show and sighting :)

Fan Pic source | Video 
HQ Pics thanks RPL | KSF

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